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I’ve been really pleased with everything I’ve done here at Powderhouse. I’ve been given enough freedom to be expressive as an artist, but as an asset to actual projects and always challenged to stretch. Limits haven’t been put on what I can do.

Alex Starfield

Hailing from Oakland, California, Alex is a musician and composer who became interested in video production as a means of documenting his work as a visual artist. As a teenager, he created video montages to document the graffiti art he painted in the Bay area.

Now at Berklee College of Music, Alex is a rising senior studying Electronic Production and Design. At Powderhouse, Alex hopes to learn how to be a more flexible and versatile artist. In addition to composing musical tracks for some of Powderhouse’s videos and podcasts, he wants to explore his interests in design and cinematography. Above all, Alex seeks to become a well-rounded artist with combined capabilities in the audio/visual world.

To hear some of Alex’s music, visit: soundcloud.com/alexstarfieldmusic