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“Working at Powderhouse is really fun. The people are great. I like knowing everybody and not being afraid to talk to the boss.”

Anna Massefski

Anna joins us after graduating Brandeis University with dual degrees in writing and film. Determined to put her major to work in “the real world,” Anna cold-called Powderhouse to apply for a job. Two months later, Anna is enjoying her first foray into the Boston production scene.

In addition to her work at Powderhouse, Anna is an EMT in Boston. She hopes to one day become a paramedic as well as get a job in the writers room on a TV show.

Originally from Sharon, MA, Anna has always been passionate about writing. She hopes to further explore nonfiction writing at Powderhouse as well as broaden her editing skills.

When she is not hard at work or responding to EMT calls, Anna can be found enjoying walks around the city and cruising the internet for adoptable pets.